Crop Science, Technology, and Innovation

The Western Canadian Crop Production Show prides on being an event filled with the true leaders in the field of crop science and technology; providing farmers with an environment that allows them to experience the latest products and services in the industry.

We understand that our exhibitors have the knowledge and ingenuity capable of producing ideas that will lead to the implementation of great improvements in the agriculture industry. In light of this, we have added a competition to our event that will award the industry’s innovators.

About the Innovation Award

The Western Canadian Crop Production Show is designed to showcase the products or inventions from our exhibitors that bolster creative innovation in the agriculture industry. We will be highlighting the evaluated the exhibitors that provide solutions that address both new and ongoing needs in the industry. 

The innovations will be evaluated by a panel of real farmers that possess the insight needed to truly assess judge the needs the submissions address. The top three finalists will be given the opportunity to speak in the Nufarm Information Theatre during the 2024 Western Canadian Crop Production Show.