Jan 11 2023


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2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Info Session

The Year the World Ran Out of Everything: Wherefore Art Thou, Supply Chain Management?

Speaker: Dr. Keith Willoughby, University of Saskatchewan

Supply chains are used for the production, distribution, and delivery of commodities. Supply chain management seeks opportunities to improve the efficiency and value creation of activities required to transport products, store inventory, and satisfy customer demand. Within the agriculture industry, effective and efficient supply chains are critically important. The COVID pandemic has certainly demonstrated the global impact generated when product demand exceeds supply, or when transportation availability is curtailed. This presentation focuses on the global, national and provincial importance of agriculture supply chain management. Practical insights are provided to enhance appreciation for the prominent role that agriculture producers play in supply chains.

About the Speaker

Born and raised in Melfort, Sask., Dr. Keith Willoughby is the Dean of the Edwards School of Business and a Professor in the Department of Finance and Management Science. He teaches courses in supply chain management, quantitative methods, and business analytics. His research interests include logistics, public transportation systems, sports analytics, and health care process improvement. Despite suffering the elementary school horror of striking out playing T-ball, he eventually regained his athletic composure by obtaining a hole-in-one in golf. He hopes to live long enough to see the Toronto Maple Leafs win a Stanley Cup.